Postpartum Support Virginia Receives $4,800 to Kick-Start New Program

Adrienne Griffen, Founder and Executive Director of PSVa and Doris Parker, 100 Women Who Care member display this quarter's donation.

Adrienne Griffen, Founder and Executive Director of PSVa accepts donation from Doris Parker, 100 Women Who Care member.

ARLINGTON, Va. (December 15, 2015) – Postpartum Support Virginia (PSVa) accepted a $4,800 donation today from the women’s giving circle 100 Women Who Care Northern Virginia (100 WWC). The giving circle selected PSVa as their fourth quarter funding recipient at their November 5th meeting. Monies donated will allow PSVa to kick-start a new education and outreach program in Arlington and Alexandria.

“This unexpected donation from 100 Women Who Care will enable PSVa to jump-start a much-needed program of outreach and education to underserved Spanish speaking mothers in Arlington and Alexandria,” stated Adrienne Griffen, Founder and Executive Director of Postpartum Support Virginia. “Up to one in three of these women will experience significant postpartum depression, which can negatively impact not only the mother but also the baby and entire family. PSVa is working with a variety of community stakeholders in Arlington and Alexandria to identify ways to educate Latinas about postpartum depression and connect them with resources. This donation is a wonderful windfall and we greatly appreciate the impact it will have in our community.”

The nomination of this nonprofit was brought forth by 100 Women Who Care member Doris Parker. Ms. Parker explained that the nonprofit was brought to her attention by a mutual friend of both she and Adrienne and that after learning more about the work PSVa provides in our community, she was excited to bring forth this grassroots organization to the 100 WWC membership. “While preparing my nomination, I learned a lot about the issue of postpartum depression and anxiety,” stated Ms. Parker. “I think that becoming more aware of  community challenges like these and the people who are actively seeking solutions to them is one of the best reasons to join 100 Women Who Care. And as a co-founder of a small non-profit, I also understand how much these kinds of contributions can do to help one along in its mission.”

If you would like to be part of this simple yet impactful group of women making a difference in our local community, please join them at their next meeting, which will be held on February 4, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Centreville Regional Library located at 14200 St. Germain Drive in Centreville, Va. Meetings last one hour. For more information please visit their website at or email them at info at 100wwcnova dot org.

12/31/15 Update: Our collective donation is now $5,200!